An Overview of Population Development in Vietnam and New Zealand

 An Overview of Population Development in Vietnam and New Zealand Essay


Compare and contrast population growth costs in Vietnam and New Zealand since 2000s and offer reasons for the similarities or perhaps differences. What effects include these improvements had for the economies and societies of the two countries? Essay:

Population progress rate is the increase in a country's human population during a period of time, usually one year, expressed as a percentage with the population in the beginning of that period. Each nation in the world offers different rates based on the number of births, deaths during the period and the volume of immigrants, emigrants. In this composition, I would generate some evaluation and comparison of populace growth prices between Vietnam and New Zealand as 2000s as well as give causes of rise or decline in population. Besides that, human population growth features effects around the economy and society of two countries will be reviewed. There are differences in the population expansion in Vietnam and New Zealand. Total, the prices look dissimilar in two countries. It is evident by both graphs about the people growth charge in Fresh Zealand and Vietnam of CIA Community Factbook, New Zealand is a country with low populace growth price while Vietnam has high population development rate. Just like be seen from the graph of New Zealand (CIA World Factbook), the rate fluctuated mildly. The best rate in 2000 come to 1 . 17% whereas the best one in 2011 accounted for zero. 88%. Among 2000 and 2007 the population growth charge dropped steadily from 1 . 17% to 0. 95% then increased slightly to 0. 97% in 2008. From 2008 to 2011, it rejected gradually to 0. 88%. It is apparent from the chart of Vietnam (CIA Community Factbook), the citizenry growth charge fluctuated broadly. The highest level in 2000 made up 1 . 49 but the lowest one stood by 0. 98% in 2009. Coming from 2000 to 2003, the quantity of population development has a razor-sharp fall coming from 1 . 49% to 1. 29% then increased slightly to at least one. 3% in 2004. Among 2004 and 2009 the speed dropped dramatically to 0. 98% afterward had a...

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