Anaylizing a Chili's Restaurant

 Anaylizing a Chili’s Restaurant Essay

ISOM 400

Final Project


Analyzing a Chili's restaurant:

Step 1 :

At what amount as a whole cost in food and labor will you be needing to spend in order to even within a Chili's cafe if you common sales have reached $80, 500?

2. Variable you: 30% of your total cost is food

2. Example: 
Purchases $500

* Beginning Inventory $750

Ending Products on hand $625

= $250 + $125
= $625 Expense of Food Product sales 

5. FOOD COST PERCENTAGE Meals Cost sama dengan Cost of Food Sales / Food Sales 

Example Food Cost sama dengan $625 /$1, 850 = 33. 8%

* Adjustable 2: twenty percent of your total cost is labor

*. For example , labor costs $8, 1000 per month. In case the total cost of doing business is $15, 000 per month, you divide $8, 000 by simply $15, 000, which equates to 0. 53, or 53 percent. Automobile labor percentage, therefore , is usually 53 percent of the total cost of working. * Labor is broken down to 10% Management and 10% The front and Again house crew * Set Cost-$40, 1000

* I. elizabeth. insurance and rent


To break even we really need our equation to be in which everything means zero:


X=. 3X +. TWO TIMES +40, 000

80, 000=24, 000 & 16, 500 + forty five, 000

70, 000=80, 500

Answer: To break even you need to spend $24, 000 in food and $16, 1000 in labor

Step 2: In the event the average guest-check for one person in a Chili's restaurant is definitely $12 (one entrГ©e and one drink), how many people will have to come into the restaurant to protect your food expense?

Food value is $24, 000

X=guest depend

24, 000=12X

Answer: X=2, 000 people

Step 3:

For what point in the week will you be capable to cover your meals cost based upon guest count?

Average capacity for a Chili's restaurant is: 200

In one hour you are able to turn a table 2 times, so in one hour you might have 400 guests come in.

Hours of Procedure: 11: 00am-10: 00pm

Chili's is available for 10 hours every day

Answer: In case you have total potential you will reach it by hour 5 on Wednesday.

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