Assignment 2

Assignment 2 23.08.2019
 Assignment two Essay

In the case of Rebecca, this wounderful woman has been known Dr . Johnston, PhD. Intended for therapy, Jennifer has been under-going some tough times as her husband have been assigned international for army duty. Since the ending of her child, she has been having serious thoughts of violence to her kids. While her husband continues to be overseas, the lady and her five children (3 within the age of 5) have been living with her mother. Rebecca's romance with her mother through the years has become erratic and unpredictable. Additionally , her father has been psychologically detached considering that the age of 3. In the case of Rebecca, her psychiatrist has conducted an evaluation for her using a plan of continued therapy and medication. Dr . Johnston performed start out by defining the challenge with Rebecca. In Doctor Johnston's evaluation of Rebecca, he started out by clearly stating what the clients concern were, and then her qualifications from her childhood. Moreover of her parents being emotionally separated from her, she has a sister who also is experiencing substance abuse and also mental condition herself. On a further take note, she also contains a brother whom suffers from sensitive X affliction. With these kinds of stress growing up, really clear why Rebecca demands some therapy in order to support her cope with everyday life. Upon completing the six stage model to ascertain Rebecca's crisis and an idea for action, Dr . Johnston carried out a MMPI-2, (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory). The MMPI is the most utilized method of assessment adults for his or her personality and psychopathology. There are many versions from the MMPI to be able to develop treatment plans for their clients. The results for Rebecca demonstrate that the girl with in a great deal of turmoil as well as feelings of intense anxiousness. In addition with her anxiety, Rebecca also displays symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, undifferentiated somatization disorder, Schizophrenia, Dependent Personality, GI distress, and familial,...

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