Atomic Number and Tellurium

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Many historians believed that Franz Joseph Müller vonseiten Reichstein was created around 1740's to 1742 in the Habsburg Empire, which later started to be known as the Austro-Hungary Empire. Müller had a number of positions inside the Austria-Hungary supervision; but he is most reputed for being a mineralogist and skilled miner. He started his rode to success by learning to be a Markscheider (official mine surveyor), which then lead him to become an Hüttenwerke (royal commission rate for mining in the Banat). These two experiences helped him gain several pieces of expertise and information about the process of mining. As brain surveyor of mining, Müller's task was going to analyze several different ore selections. In 1782 while looking at a gold ore, he soon uncovered the chemical element, Tellurium. After analyzing the ore, Müller first came to the conclusion it turned out Antinomy alloyed in there, yet quickly realized it was not. " The metal he previously produced wasn't antimony at all, but a previously unidentified element. ”(Steven Gagnon) Since tellurium can be found in various ores and contains similar properties as metals and non-metals, that confused and baffled the scientist. Unaware of this new material Müller decided to name it, " metallum problematum” which means difficulty metal. Seeing that he was dealing with a new substance, he directed it over being analyzed simply by another science tecnistions in Duessseldorf, Martin They would. Klaproth, who also quickly remote the tellurium. Shortly after, Klaproth named the substance tellurium, rooting through the Latin word " tellus” meaning the planet. The main misunderstandings that the factor caused was the containment of similar houses from the precious metals and nonmetals. When an element can't be recognized between a metal and nonmetal as a result of having properties from the two, they then sort out as metalloids. Thus, making

Tellurium a metalloid and belonging to the chalcogen relatives, which is found in group 16 on the routine table. Chalcogens are also referred to as Oxygen along with considered the Key Group...

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