Attention Seeking

Attention Seeking 29.08.2019
 Attention Seeking Composition


All of this presentation is based on my own opinions.

There exists a popular term amongst younger people – ‘attention whore'. The Downtown dictionary describes this term as someone who will go to any lengths to be able to receive attention; it does not matter whether the attention comes from positive or perhaps negative means. Now, the definition of attention whore is a adverse term. Persons bandy the term around for anybody they deem to be engaging in [usually] negative attention seeking behaviour. THIS KIND OF WINDS MYSELF UP!

Alright, so I was not saying negative attention-seeking should be encouraged – it shouldn't. Nevertheless , we all need attention. As babies, all of us cry to get fed, changed or *just* for attention. As toddlers we might go through the terrible two's even though we find boundaries – when you are performing this, we all kick and scream and trash things…for attention. Even as we go through college when we receive good levels or the like we cannot wait to tell the parents – we want good response (ATTENTION! ).

Today imagine crying and moping as a baby and no one noticing. Picture having your bad two's and that is the only period you receive attention. Envision your parents not really caring with regards to your school work.

At this point, as adults we have to have responsibility to get ourselves and our activities. For some individuals, this is much easier. We have experienced stable early years and have discovered what is sociably acceptable. For some, however , it can be more difficult. They make think focus is incorrect to have, it could feel unpleasant. They may not really realise what is going on for them.

Fake pregnancy, cutting, making or creating dramas. This sort of behaviour is usually difficult to be around. I personally used to be the first to judge and slate people for it. Then again I got considering and asked myself what was that manufactured these people constitute these things. Could be there are people out there who only crave focus for no obvious, noticeable, deep darker reason. Nevertheless my idea is that if we have understanding and tolerance with people,...

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