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Analysis Proposal to measure the manufacturer equity of Virgin Firm in Bangladesh

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Business Research

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Maryland. Rabiul Kabir

Assistant Professor

Dept. of BBA

Restaurant stamford grand University Bangladesh

Submitted by simply

Mahamuda Jahan Chowdhury BBA 03912538

Kazi Fahmida BBA 03912534

Shammi Akter BBA 03912565

Fatema Nur BBA 03912566

Shamima Rahman BBA 03912729

Group: 39 (E)

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April 12, 2011

Md. Rabiul Kabir

Assistant Professor

Division of Organization Administration

Stamford University or college Bangladesh

Subject: Submission of report upon " Study Proposal measure the band fairness of Virgin Company in Bangladesh”.

Dear Sir,

With due admiration, we would like to draw the kind awareness of the fact that, we, the student of BBA of Stamford University Bangladesh, prepared the study proposal to measure the company equity of Virgin Company in Bangladesh.

Within all those limited scope we discovered a very little about exploration but this kind of little experience has to be expressed. So , we are shaping our experience and thoughts with a report from your view stage of our know-how about the brand value of Virgin Company in Bangladesh

Therefore , all of us pray and hope that you just would be kind enough to accept our report and pass your useful commitment upon it.

Sincerely yours,

Kazi Fahmida …………………….. Mahamuda Jahan Chowdhury ……………………... Shammi Akter …………………….. Fatema Wirklich …………………….. Shamima Rahman ……………………...


We would like exhibit my honor to our training course teacher Maryland. Rabiul Kabir, Assistant Mentor of Restaurant stamford grand University intended for helping all of us in every conceivable way in preparing the dissertation survey. We collected data and inform of secondary options.


To conclude there is certainly problem determined that virgin mobile company's market share in Bangladesh is only 30% of beverage market in Bangladesh. Then a possible triggers have recognized for this difficulty. The most apparent cause could possibly be lack of comprehending the brand equity in BD for this trouble. There is a version called Aaker brand value model in which Virgin Firm can solve this problem.. By discussing with the course educator and from secondary options we identified that the conceivable cause of dropping virgin refreshments would be their very own lack of understanding brand fairness. The populations to gauge the brand equity of Virgin mobile cola are the customers from the Virgin diet coke and the foule are unfamiliar because do not have the set of the population of virgin diet coke. This is the not probability convenience sampling because there have no list of population all of us collect the data by study from customer survey about the brand name equity of virgin cola.

Strategy of the report

Info sources:

Selections of specifics (underdone facts) are generally cared for as data. There are two sorts of data

Main data

Extra data

Types of primary data –

Executing the record we avoid using the primary data.

Sources of extra data-

Second data in this study was collected by...

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