CJA 374 Week 4 Research Juvenile Proper rights Systems and Processes

 CJA 374 Week some Homework Juvenile Justice Systems and Procedures Essay


Diary Entry of XANDER L.

Kelly Light beam

Week 5 Homework

Child Justice Systems and Processes CJA/374

Teacher Erica Williams

Journal Entry of Xander L

Wondering what is going to happen with my life at this point. For a short time now I have already been involved with an incorrect crowds and maintain getting in difficulties for different crimes. I love my mom very much and that we are very close but even she has attempted to always teach me right from wrong, whether or not it involves reporting me personally to the law enforcement officials. I cannot and don't pin the consequence on her to get doing that, but I simply feel sort of lost at this moment in my life. I've dropped out of school against my mother's wishes. My dad isn't around, so his opinion won't matter. Mommy works two jobs to supply for her and i also, while I go out and trigger trouble. I was recently caught for possession of a obscured weapon, which I pled guilt ridden to. Whenever they arrested myself I was delivered to the police place for the booking process. They took my finger prints, entered all my information into the system and told me just what charges were being filed against me. A few days later on I travelled in court docket where they again told me what I had been charged with. At that point Specialists for a general public defender to help represent myself, since neither my mom nor I had the money for a private attorney. I possess pled guilty to the criminal offenses of possession of a obscured weapon, and am right now waiting to find out what suggestions will be provided as to my punishment. My next courtroom date will be my arraignment hearing wherever I am sentenced based upon the tips of my probation officer, and the Juvenile District Legal professionals opinion centered off my personal previous teen record. We am currently not in jail, nevertheless must be at every court day or My spouse and i take the likelihood of being punished with the optimum sentence. My spouse and i don't know for certain what's going to happen yet, My spouse and i only know very well what I could find. This is not my personal first run in with the police which will have an effect on my abuse for this criminal offenses. Because I am just 17, I can be reprimanded as a grown-up for possessing the concealed weapon, not only is it a known gang member. Here in California, possessing a concealed system can result in several different punishments, depending on circumstances of the case. Violating California's Penal Code 12025; carrying a concealed weapon means a person is guilt ridden if they will conceal the weapon in a vehicle they are really in or on their own body system. Possible punishments could entail probation, approximately one year within a county prison, and or up to a $1000 great (Shouselaw. com, 2013). This could or may not always be what I obtain due to my previous police arrest records and my personal gang member status. I am hoping they give me personally the least sentence possible but maybe make me head to some guidance or some thing. My head clearly isn't correct. Even though I really like my mom and she is every I got, We still continue to keep messing up and disappointing her which basically what I need to continue to accomplish. I would enjoy to at least be able to get my basic equivalency diploma or degree for high school to make her proud of by least a very important factor I attain. Especially seeing that she works so hard on her behalf and I with jobs she has.

Recommendation to Judge for Non-violent Offense

On behalf of the Cal Department of Probation and Rehabilitation, Inside the Xander T. case experts recommend due to the prior juvenile felony acts great current position as a known gang affiliate and high school dropout, that he carry out six months within a state juvenile detention centre. Upon launch, court purchased minimum of six months family and individual counseling at least 2 days a week, with a probation period of three years using a special accord of any kind of violations involving drugs, weaponry, or chaotic offenses will automatically hold a flat sentence of one 12 months in state jail (could be mature county imprisonment depending on his age when he violates). As a result of his preceding violent offenses including, bag snatching, disregarding and getting into and drug...

References: Shouselaw. com (2013). SHOUSE RULES GROUP. Holding a Hidden Weapon within a Vehicle or on Your Person. California Penal Code 12025 PC. Gathered May 5th, 2013; http://www.shouselaw.com/12025.html

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