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TOPIC: Introduction to Race and Racism

Approach Pertaining to The Course

** How do we know what we all know?

(important… is going to ask during presentations and lecture term papers) exploration of media text messages

collaborative/ dialogical

engage with circumstance studies and examples

appreciate and work with what we understand


What is a multimedia text?

Shifting beyond mainstream news, Hollywood movies and popular advertisements Towards community productions, 3rd party film…


electric power in relation to the image (Hall, 1996)

knowledge pertaining to the image (Hall, 1996)

who will be telling the storyplot and what assumptions do they have?

Racism and Elegance

systemic racism"

person racism

Estimate: " Even though the term " systemic racism" has now came into the lexicon of everyday speech, there is dilemma about its meaning. For most people systemic racism stands compared to individual racism. While person racism is understood to be a practice arising from the belief that a single racial group is superior to another, systemic racism is meant to capture the idea that policies and practices that appear natural on the surface can have the effect of disadvantaging certain rcail or ethnic group…” (Razack, 2008 p1)

(Side be aware from Defining Racism

" Systemic discrimination " means methods or thinking that have, whether by design and style or effects, the effect of limiting an individual`s or possibly a group`s directly to the opportunities generally offered because of attributed rather than actual characteristics.... It is far from a question of whether this discrimination is encouraged by an intentional prefer to obstruct a person's potential, or perhaps whether it is the accidental bi- product of innocently motivated practices or systems. If the barrier is affecting some organizations in a disproportionately negative method, it is a signal that the techniques that lead to this kind of adverse influence may be discriminatory". (Abella, 1984).

If asked, most people could quickly offer a basic definition of racism. In fact , the Oxford Book offers the easiest definition of racism as " prejudice depending on race", which is how most people understand the concept (1988). However , after we start to analyze this classification, it becomes apparent that racism requires a much more complex classification. The primary problem with this meaning of racism is the fact it contains a great assumption that is invalid, there is a clinically determined group of race. Although we have been socialized to believe that individuals can be differentiated on the basis of competition, that there are specific biologically established differences between peoples, humankind cannot be broken into groups distinguishable by natural properties (Satzewich, 1998). Such a differentiation is irrelavent, unscientific and works to perpetuate divisive assumptions about people. However, the concept of racism remains extremely real in this human societies continue to work as though events do exist. As a result, race as being a social strategy continues to be a root cause of human inequality. Racialization in different element of a system or sub-system has the capacity to transfuse racialization into systemic methods, that is, to support or transfer racialization within the system. Until constant watchful is taken care of, elements of a method may also spread unnoticed racialization into its procedures. " (Commission on Systemic Racism inside the Ontario Felony Justice Program, 1995). Racism takes many forms, even though it is usually understood in the specific sense. Essentially there are 3 main varieties, individual racism, systemic racism and social racism (Henry, Tator, Mattis & Rees, 1995). Person racism manifests itself in individual's thinking and behaviors, and is the easiest type to distinguish. Systemic racism consists of the policies and practices of organizations, which directly or indirectly run to sustain the advantages of peoples of certain...

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