Community History: Historic Civilizations

 World History: Ancient Cultures Essay

Joseph Reyes


Community History

Historic Civilizations

People have been on the earth to get hundreds of years. They have come together to become the best of the finest. Civilizations were ways to set humans in an arranged group and survive many ways of mother nature. Two cultures were good and made it through for a long time. Historical Mesopotamia was obviously a much different world then Egypt, but the two were prepared in a similar way. That they both manufactured by setting up their government, managing their environment, and their beliefs.

In Mesopotamia the priest was in impose of dividing the maqui berry farmers into organizations to plantation and take care of the land. In Egypt the priests were in charge of making a record of all their pharaohs and marking the main happenings of their reigns. Mesopotamia used the Code of Hammurabi which was laws that concerned daily life, business, medicine, property, and family. It absolutely was based on a great eye intended for an eyesight (revenge) and was to give justice for all those. In Egypt the pharaoh was regarded a our god that reigned over the Egyptians and had complete power that manufactured all the laws and regulations of the area and decisions. This is the two civilizations type of government and was effective for years; some of the people laws are still in present day government.

Egyptians used the Nile Water which offered food and water, farming, and travel of goods. This can help them in their survival for the fact that they were surviving in the middle of a desert. In Mesopotamia, that they developed city-states which were around the Tigris and Euphrates Estuaries and rivers. These streams were a key in their success; they utilized these rivers for food, transportation, as well as plants. The rivers developed Fertile Crescent which allowed farming in Mesopotamia, the Fertile Crescent were significant it was between desert and anything beyond it cannot be farmed. Utilizing their environment was an important key factor for the survival of such two great civilizations.

As mentioned earlier Egyptians believed...

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