Condoms in School

Condoms in School 21.08.2019
 Condoms in School Essay

What is their topic?

I chose the subject on if high school officials should be permitted to hand out condoms to their learners

What are the possibly distinct main claims/positions related to this kind of topic? (There will be by least two (2) possibly different claims/positions, but there could be more; however , one of them will be YOUR claim/position. )

A single position will be opposed to permitting school representatives to hand out condoms to students. The other position thinks that this would be a good option to allow substantial schools at hand out condoms, as long as correct sex education is being trained What is your position regarding the matter?

My own position is the fact I think that high colleges should be permitted to hand out condoms. I believe that if the kids are taught how to properly protect themselves there would be decrease numbers of teen pregnancy and HIV/AIDS.

What " evidence” have you wanted to support the claim/position? Have you ever included your survey effects?

I have included some review results, yet I think I want to survey more people to ensure the leads to be correct. I have likewise done a lot of research for the positivity that may come out of providing condoms in high colleges. Who is the intended market? (This would not have to be particularly your instructor. )

My viewers is father and mother of high school students.

What is your purpose? So what do you wish the audience to complete, to feel, or to believe? Remember that a persuasive newspaper is always seeking some sort of response through the audience.

My purpose is to persuade parents that handing out condoms could have a good outcome, and prevent teen motherhood and other sexually transmitted illnesses. What words and phrases or phrases have you included to trigger your audience to do, feel, or believe the way that you want them to do, feel, or think? Contain all of your mindset or understanding " cues” for your market.

My spouse and i mainly merely used says to capture the audience's attention Just how can your position actually better satisfy the...

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