Cottle Case

Cottle Case 30.08.2019
 Cottle Case Essay



1 . a) What factors determine the demand for toothbrushes? As we go through the case we discover there are various elements that influence the demand intended for toothbrushes which is affected by the two social and economical factors. These factors are:

* Value: The economic conditions that prevail in the markets, this kind of focuses on how much disposable salary and the profits of the customers and can they even manage to buy a brush or not really, so value is one of the key factors of demand, as it has been mentioned in the case that even from this new time people are yet using the classic ways of cleaning their teeth. 2. Oral health Awareness: Although affordability truly does play a significant role in determining the demand, but it also depend upon which level of understanding and consciousness the customers have regarding the importance of oral hygiene and how to exactly what the key distinctions between good and low quality products on the market. * Frequency of use: another major component of that leads to demand is the amount of times a consumer brushes his teeth, a lot more the use the more quickly the toothbrush would wear down, requiring a big change for new a single. * Syndication and accessibility: A consumer can easily have all the cash in the world, with the required details but this all becomes worthless if the product is not available or accessible by simply him very easily. The conveniently availability depends on the distribution of the toothbrushes, hence the ease which product is accessible contributes to needs as well. * Advertisement and promotions: High degree of understanding can be made through successful advertising and promotions in the toothbrush. 5. Competitors: The competitors may have a major effect on buyer thus impacting on the demand. * Dental pros: Consumers are the majority of affected when ever something is informed by people who they think will be credible and competent,...

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