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Encoding Homework 30.08.2019
 Programming Homework Essay

Write a program that would calculate and display the results pertaining to the multiplication table intended for values which range from 1 to 100.

Component 1:

Provide your analysis for the following problem affirmation: You need to create a program that would calculate the results pertaining to the copie table up from you to 95. (For model, 1X1, 1X2, 1X3 … 1X10, 2X1, 2X2 …. 10X2 … 10x10). Your program should certainly print the outcome for each stage and outcome a new line after 12 items.

What is the required output?

The output required from this program will be a multiplication table heading from you x you all the way to twelve x 15 with a new range after every twelve products.

Precisely what is the necessary type and how you are going to obtain the required output from the given input?

This program should certainly run without any input through the user after executed.

Likewise, include your variable names and definitions. Be sure to describe any kind of necessary remedies and sample calculations.

The variables with this program will probably be declared happen to be num_1, num_2 and will be applied as integers.

The formula that will be used in this program can be num_1 2. num_2 adding 1 each repetition applying num_2 sama dengan num_2 +1

One of the forgotten features of this program is the " Write” declaration that makes the proceeding count number occur for the next series not in a single long string. This is important to differentiate between sets of multiplication dining tables.

Part 2:

Provide your program design and style for the program you reviewed for printing the multiplication table. Make sure you describe the basic tasks (i. e., points your plan must do) needed to solve the problem so that you can use a do it yourself design. Present pseudocode of your overall style that includes the primary module and the order with the module phone calls, and a Hierarchy graph and or chart for this software (see figure 3. eight page 148). Finally, display the circulation charts (using Raptor, or perhaps your favorite design editor) for each module. (See figure five. 3 page 225 for example. )


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