Feminism: Psychology and Intellectual Development Theory

 Feminism: Mindset and Intellectual Development Theory Essay

Compare social learning theory, cognitive development theory, and, feminist approaches to gender-role learning. The social learning theory approaches gender-role learning as a reflection. The Cultural learning theory emphasizes the value of seeing and building the actions, attitudes, and emotional reactions of others. Intellectual development theory proposes that people learn male or female by getting together with others and interpreting the behaviour of others. Feminists disagree with of these ideas and dispute instead that individuals learn gender through male or female scripts which can be reinforced by parents. Sociable learning theory proposes that individuals learn gender through confident reinforcement. You are compensated when you action accordingly. You are punished when you do certainly not act consequently. Cognitive development theory suggests that individuals master gender simply by interacting with others and interpretation the behavior more. Feminists don't agree with both of these theories and argue rather that individuals master gender through gender scripts that are reinforced by parents.

Feminism has a great impact on the gender position in our world. Feminists have been completely fighting for a long time for electric power and control in this man's world. Us structure makes a great influence on women's patterns in world, family existence and the labor force.

Identify a lady in a position of power or leadership (ex. Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, etc . ). Applying concepts via Chapter Five, describe just how this individual's role meets with traditional views of gender roles. What types of part conflict and role tension might your husband experience? I will use Oprah as a girl of electricity.

Compare and contrast gender roles between high-rank, middle-rank, low-rank, and bottom level 10 countries. Gender roles are a group of social and behavioral rules that are considered to be socially appropriate for a specific love-making in the circumstance of a specific culture.

An Essay on Giddens’ Theory of Structuration.