T. Sc Test Paper

 S. Sc Sample Conventional paper

Type of Question Daily news

Social Technology (087),

Summative Assessment-II

Class X – (2012-13)


Form of queries




three or more


Brief Answer (SA)

Long Response (LA)

Map Question


Marks of every Number of



one particular


three or more


a few


Total Marks





thirty six




The question paper will incorporate value structured question(s)

to the extent of 3-5 markings.

S. Number Unit No .





2 .



three or more

Political Research







1 . 22

2 . 80

Sample Concerns

Social Scientific research (087),

Summative Assessment-II

Class X – (2012-13)


Multiple Choice Questions

1 Mark every single

Q1. In Prussia, significant landowners had been known as

A. Junkers

B. Jacobins

C. Habsburg

Deb. Conservatives

Ans. (A) Hobereau


Q. 2 Who formed a secret contemporary society called fresh Italy?

A. Givseppe Mazzini

B. Otto von Bismarck

C. Victor Emmannel 2

D. Rely Camillo sobre Cavour

Ans. (A) Givseppe Mazzini



Queen. 3. When ever did the creation of Indo-China Union, including Cochinchina, Annam, Tonkin and Cambodia (and later Laos) happened?


A. 1887

W. '1888

C. 1889

G. 1890

Ans. 1887

Q4. Which film of David F. Coppola reflected the moral distress that the U. S – Vietnamese conflict had made in the U. S. A.


A. Apocalypse Today

B. Green Berets

C. No Mans' Land

G. Saving Personal Ryan

Ans. Apocalypse Today

Q5. The fact that was Vietminh?


A. Little league for the Independence of Vietnam

M. League pertaining to the Freedom of China and tiawan

C. Group for the Independence of Japan

Deb. League intended for the Independence of Korea

Ans. League for the Independence of Vietnam


Q. 6th. Who published ‘Hind Swaraj'?


A. Mahatma Gandhi

B. Jawaharlal Nehru

C. Subhash Chandra Bose

G. Sarojini Naidu

Q six. In which Congress session the demand for ‘Purna Swaraj' adopted?


A. Lahore treatment

B. Calcutta Session

C. Nagpur Session

D. Belgaum Session

Queen. 8. Who threw the bomb in the Legislative Assemblage in The spring 1929?


A. Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt

B. Jatin Das and Ajay Ghosh

C. Chandra Shekhar Azad and Sukhdev

D. Rajguru and Allergy Behari Ghosh

3 Represents Questions

Q. 1 . What was the City Code of 1804?


Ans. The civil Code of 1804 – normally identified as the Napoleonic code – removed all the liberties based on birth, created quality before the law and properly secured the right to real estate. Moreover, this kind of code was also released to the locations under France control.


Q. 2 . Briefly identify Zollverein?


Ans. In 1834, Zollverein or traditions union was established at the motivation of Prussia and joined up with by almost all of the German says. The union did aside with contract price barriers and decreased the number of currencies from over 30 to only two. Q several. Which was the Balkans place?


Ans. The Balkans was a area of geographical and cultural diversity consisting modern day Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia – Harzegoina, Macedonia, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia and Montenegro whose occupants were extensively called while Slavs. Q. 4. Who was Confucius


Ans. Confucius (551-479) BCE was a Chinese thinker and philosopher who developed a philosophical program based on useful wisdom, good behaviour and proper cultural relationships. The folks were trained to esteem their father and mother and follow their parents. The relationship between ruler as well as the people was described as between your parents and children.

Q5 Why do the French thought that all colonies were necessary?


Ans. The Colonies had been considered necessary to supply all-natural resources and other important products and products. They were also guided by idea of ‘civilizing mission'. Basically, they believed that it was their very own duty to introduce modern day ideas to civilize backward persons.

Q6 What were the obstacles in economic regarding Vietnam?



There were a number of limitations in economical growth of Vietnam: high

populace levels, low...


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