"Hills like White-colored Elephants” and "Girl” Designs and Meaning

 «Hills just like White Elephants and »Girl Themes and Symbolism Dissertation

" Hills like White Elephants” and " Girl” Designs and Symbolism The styles and meaning for the stories " Hills like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway and " Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid assist the composition of said stories to produce an understanding of any girl's sexuality and how other folks attempt managing it by giving symbols that uncover the truth that lies in back of the words. In, " Hills like White Elephants”, the American guy consistently and angrily persuades his girl to have the operation based on a foundation of false promises. Signs that private that communication are " Jig”, ingesting, white elephants, and connection issues. In, " Girl”, the little girl's mother attempts to control her sexuality through advice and scolding. The symbols because story contain food, material, and Benna. The topics in the stated stories are very similar in they attempt to control the girls' sexuality, yet they are several, in their way of doing so. In, " Hillsides like Light Elephants”, the American gentleman consistently and angrily persuades his girlfriend to have the operation based on a foundation of false promises. The theme staying talking poems communicating and the power it has to build up or perhaps tear down. Although " Hills like White-colored Elephants” is mainly a chat between the American man and his girlfriend, none of the audio speakers truly convey with the various other, stressing the fissure between the two. Both talk, although neither listens or fathoms the other peoples point of view. Angered and placating, the American man will say about anything in persuading his girlfriend to have the operation, which, though never

mentioned by name, is definitely understood to be a great abortion. For instance , he says, " I love you now. You know I love you. ” (Hemingway 214) The woman, in the meantime, wavers vacillatingly, for one point agreeing she'll have the child killingilligal baby killing just to associated with man end talking. When the man is persistant, she pleads him, " Would you you should, please, please, please, make sure you, please, please”...

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