The way the Color of the Rainbow Came to Be

 How the Colour of the Offers a Came to Be Composition

Alex Fredericks

Hour 2 A. P. prepare English

Difficult Draft #5

How the colors of the rainbow came to be….

There once was a town way up in the heavens filled with adults and kids who knew how to fly. They were completely happy and marvelous and just full of glee and lucky for us they made the rainbow turned out to be.

RED Some day Sally was eating a red popsicle and the sunlight was therefore hot the drops will not stop. That they lingered while flying and chop down down only so , that they can formed an arch we know as the earliest row.  She looked at the stain your woman had manufactured in the skies and was so thrilled a split came to her eye. The girl flew down to get a closer look and with exhilaration her lip area made a mischievous catch. �

ORANGE  She felt it needed just a thing more, therefore she built a trip to the candy store. On the place full of treats and wonderful issues Sally observed Brady squishing orange espresso beans. They were gummy and hot and felt so sweet that the lady knew that she were required to use this unpleasant treat. Brady and the gummies flew off with her quick, to make the next colorful, wonderful, drop. They hovered over the stain in the sky and with a big squeeze they made the beans cry. The drinks fell once again so properly right the fact that orange stained up that space in the night. �

YELLOW  Two colors now glowing up in the atmosphere, the colors therefore bright, thus happy, therefore loud. It was almost complete, this kind of a beautiful eyesight, but a thing, just some thing, was not quite right.  Mr. Jones flew by and smiled brightly as his eyes shined.  He asked if may he provide one thing and a citrus appeared in the shape of an engagement ring.  He acquired peeled that that early morning and the form was just right, so he added the yellow with their art in the night.

GREEN More colours Sally " screamed”!  What else should we see?  Then Brady chimed in and said allows add Green!  Jamie Shelter then appeared and created a smile as she recognized what to do; on her behalf farm was obviously a pasture full of green dew. The down pours had come and the turf was so sweet, when she ended up upon this, it mashed under...

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