IELTS Writing Process 2

IELTS Writing Job 2 29.08.2019
 IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay

п»їWrite about this topic:

Some individuals argue that it truly is more important to have enjoyable job than to earn big money. Others argue and think that a good wage leads to a much better life. Discuss both these views and give the own opinion.

Give reasons behind your solution and include virtually any relevant illustrations from your own understanding or encounter. Write in least two hundred and fifty words.

style answer:

Everyone knows that you need cash to survive, but it is often declared that money does not bring joy. Although the best situation can be to have an pleasant job that also supplies a good earnings, this is not constantly possible. It is crucial to remember that some people might possibly not have a choice of careers because they did not have the opportunity of a great education or because there is a large relatives to support. However, I would want to have a job which i can enjoy basically could. On the one hand, life is simpler for those who have plenty of money as they can carry out what they want and do not have to think constantly about whether they can pay for something or perhaps not. In addition , earning a great salary makes it easier to be healthier because you can take in good meals and become a member of a health club. On the other hand, some people spend large sums of money without thinking about it. However , they will could manage with less of your budget and have an improved life through a job they enjoy or by working fewer hours. I have discovered that in families who also go on costly holidays and have a brand new car, it is usually the father who have works these kinds of long hours that his children rarely find him. In my opinion, this is not an attractive lifestyle and it would be better if this individual found a less very well paid job that allowed him to spend him to spend more time at your home. To sum up, I believe it is essential to have a job you enjoy if you possibly could afford that. In my perspective, most people will need less money than they think since they spend a lot on buying issues they do not will need.

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