Istanbul Museum of Modern Skill

 Istanbul Museum of Modern Fine art Essay


‘İSTANBUL ART GALLERY of modern art'


History of the Museum

In 1987, the project of Istanbul Modern day arose in the first Worldwide Contemporary Art Exhibition, specifically the Worldwide Istanbul Biennial. Nejat Farreneheit. Eczacıbaşı, owner of Turki Foundation of Lifestyle and Artistry, impressed by the dynamism of the exhibition and proceeded to establish a modern fine art museum which can be permanent.

The Feshane, textile developing factory for the Golden Horn was changed into a art gallery of contemporary skill. Although the building was the homeowner of 3rd International Istanbul Biennial in 1991, the project was not able to come through.

Suited place intended for Istanbul Art gallery of Modern Artistry was present in 2001: your fourth warehouse on the Galata pier near the Facultar Sinan Academy of Good Arts. The area had made as a dried out cargo warehouse for European Maritime Business and it had been converted into a contemporary arts museum. The building together with the area of 8000 square meter was transformed by Tabanlıoğlu Architecture with all the relevant capabilities.

Istanbul Modern day is the initially private museum which sets up modern and contemporary artwork exhibitions in Turkey, founded in 2004. With display galleries, pictures gallery, collection, cinema middle, cafe, design and style store, as well as its video, educational and social programs, the museum gives a wide range of solutions.

Reasons for selecting Turki Modern

The key reason why I chose Istanbul Museum of Modern Arts to write down a museum report was going to improve my vision of arts also to visit a museum which I experienced never stopped at before. Istanbul Modern Art gallery has been incredibly popularized simply by media with advertisements and articles written on it. A regular Sunday early morning, while I was reading my own daily magazine, I saw a publicity on this museum. The advertisement was so striking and colorful that I made my decision at that time. The time of my own tour was obviously a Thursday morning when museum...

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