Leading Group Challenges

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Leading Group Challenges


Summer 4, 2012

Leading Group Challenges

Criminal justice agencies include the court system, modifications, and the police departments. These organizations and agencies deal with many problems daily plus the leaders from the agencies will need to have the knowledge to handle the difficulties. Each business and organization in the felony justice system plays a role, and leadership may be the basis of the role in each organization. Conflict and Control Challenges

Criminal rights agencies manage conflict involving the many agencies. The police officers arrest the offenders and charge the offender with all the crime, as well as the court system determines what sentence the offender will need to face, if the charges justify a sentence in your essay. If the culprit receives a sentence of jail or perhaps prison, the correctional facilities must make sure the sentence arises in a safeguarded manner. Regrettably, these felony justice agencies are not constantly working toward the same desired goals, which results in discord. The market leaders of the companies must look after the turmoil before the conflict is out of hand. An example of the type of conflict which may arise is usually police officers wishing to remove the offenders off the streets. The court docket system may want to give the offenders a chance for rehabilitation instead of prison time, even if the offender is a repeat offender. Scenarios like this trigger conflict pertaining to the commanders of the lawbreaker justice companies to handle. The court system, correctional establishments, and police give up a considerable amount of control with the responsibilities. Management among criminal justice organizations must consider the control with justice (Collaborative Rights, 2012). Legal justice organizations must come together instead of against each other to handle the issues with issue and control. The organizations must be on a single page and working toward the same desired goals. The ultimate goal is to restore offenders although at times there will be an arrest who is not a candidate to get rehabilitation. The agencies need to work together for top level solution pertaining to the offender, society, as well as for the different organizations involved (Collaborative Justice, 2012). Political Difficulties

Criminal rights agencies manage political and legal issues that occur inside as well as outside the lawbreaker justice system. Criminal rights decision manufacturers are picked through visit or selection. Depending on the condition, the judges are both voted in by the people or the chief of the servants appoints who have he or she desires as a evaluate. No matter how a person examines it, no matter what is political. The guru appoints the federal judges, and she or he is verified by the Senate. The political method strongly persuades the Substantial Court of the United States (Duelin, 2012). Keeping national politics out of the numerous criminal justice agencies is important. These agencies have a job to complete, which cannot happen in the event the politics will be in the way of the position. These numerous jobs will almost always be appointed by an official or perhaps voted in by the people, with that, the politics need to stop. The United States has way too many corrupt representatives because he or she allowed politics to get in the way of doing the job. There are national politics in the police, prosecution, and corrections. Forever things to happen with these agencies in the future, these companies need to independent the national politics from the work and reason for the job (Duelin, 2012). The Police and Politics

Politics has no direct influence on the daily routines and decisions of police officers yet politics really does determine how law enforcement officers take action and react during patrol. Police departments are manage by some form of government, whether it is the city authorities, the mayor, the city director, or the office. These market leaders make an alteration in the level to which national politics shape the police departments. Politics floods law enforcement departments in cities and towns which may have a federal government that includes a city council or a mayor making the...

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