Mary Cassatt Mom and Child 1905

 Mary Cassatt Mother and Child 1905 Essay

When visiting the National Art art gallery in Washington D. C. there were various interesting artwork that I noticed, but the one that touched my own heart was a painting called Mother and child by Mary Cassatt. When I saw the painting the vital thing that came to my mind was my three-year-old daughter. The painting Mom and child is The ‘Mother and Child' theme in art started with tales based on the Testament and has been viewed by contemporary artists too.

There is nothing as young as the love of a mom for her child. It is a all-natural instinct to love, nurture and guard her offspring. In the field of fine art, this is a well known theme through the history of artwork.

Beginning with the storyline of Jesus and His mom Mary, lots of the Renaissance artists--including Leonardo weil Vinci and Raphael--portrayed the subject of a mother and her child with great sensitivity.

Raphael coated " Madonna and Child" also known as " Small Cowper Madonna" (1505) that can be noticed at the Nationwide Gallery of Art, Wa D. C.

Interestingly, there is another similar painting by Raphael, " Madonna and Kid with Book" (1502-03) that belongs to the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, CA. Coming from November a few, 2010 to January twenty-four, 2011, the " Tiny Cowper Madonna" will be in loan for the Norton Claire Museum to demonstrate alongside their particular Madonna and child. This kind of painting have been outside of the U. H. only once (to a art gallery in Urbino, Italy) since 1942 because it was donated to the Countrywide Gallery of Art.

The nineteenth hundred years American specialist who viewed her work with the Impressionists was Martha Cassatt. Even though she by no means had children of her own, she painted the mother and child motif numerous instances. Whether it was " The Child's Bath" (1893), " Mother and Child" (1905) or " Sleepy Baby" (1910), one particular gets a feeling of Mary Cassatt's own normal mothering instinct

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