Mechanics of Machines a couple of Lab Report (2012)

 Mechanics of Machines two Lab Report 2012 Essay



Friction shall be avoided in some parts of machines, but is wanted in such items as clutches, brakes and belt-driven pulley systems. The apparatus employed for this experiment is a simulation of a clutch, the pressure being given by vertical excess weight on a dish. In interesting a clutch between a running engine and a stationary machine there is certain to be some wear, in fact it is evident the wear has to be uniform within the surface of the friction dish. As put on is proportional to both equally load and travel it follows that for homogeneous wear the item of dish pressure and radius from the axis is a constant which depends on the materials. В The substitution with the consequence of assumed homogeneous wear brings about a simple assumptive expression for the torque transmitted with a plate clutch just before slide occurs. It truly is evident that must be based upon the chaffing between the platter and the platter it engages on. Hence this try things out uses 3 different sizes of friction china to test the idea and supposition.


Consider an top turntable which usually turns because of the torque Big t on a concentric friction menu supported by a stationary bottom. В

The lining and external radii in the plate happen to be ri and ro. Take an essential plate of radius 3rd there’s r and size dr . The axial fill induces a localized pressure p which causes a normal push dN, wherever dN sama dengan p. 2Ојr. dr

If the coefficient of friction involving the plate and the turntable can be Ој (assumed to be consistent and impartial of r) then the total torsional level of resistance is

For vertical balance where T is the applied load

Because the turntable revolves it seems like reasonable to predict the fact that friction menu thickness will reduce consistently, that is the wear price is regular. Since have on depends on pressure and the rubbing distance then it follows that p. 3rd there’s r = constant (since length moved is proportional towards the radius) Consequently,


The actual reason for the research was to verify, for a single plate clutch, the application of the word for optimum torqueВ В Capital t = ОјWRmean where,

To = frictional torque, Ој = agent of chaffing, W = axial fill & Rmean = may be the mean dish radius, В and in particular thatВ

a)В В В В В torque for slip is usually proportional to the normal push andВ

b)В В В В В the torque/normal pressure is proportionate to radius of the rubbing plateВ

As well, the value of the frictional pourcentage of the dish Ој was to be identified.


Top people


Mass hangers

* The wall mounted apparatus used comprises a lower stationary menu attached to a sturdy wall mounting bracket. * Moreover stationary platter sits a soft steel higher plate whose shaft revolves in ball bearings although which is in direct exposure to the standing plate. * Sandwiched between your lower and upper menu are rubbing plates, of three different sizes. Every plate lies in turn. 5. The minimum force for the friction platter is the self-weight of the top plate, however the contact pressure can be elevated by adding dumbbells to the higher plate. 5. The periphery of the top plate can be grooved to guide two wires over a pair of diametrically opposed pulleys and thence down to two the same load hangers. This system, when loaded with the same weights, produces a pure torsional drive pertaining to the upper dish which provides for a turntable for the friction discs. By launching the turntable a normal force or pressure acts between upper menu and the platter in use. В * 3 interchangeable scrubbing plates happen to be supplied of numerous diameters. Every one sits onto location pins in the lower platter. * Some calibrated weights is supplied which will enable the loading power to be varied and utilized torque to be adjusted likewise. 5. METHODВ

Essential Dimensions for Clutch Apparatus

Clutch dish positioned among

underlying part disc and upper turntable

* The apparatus were be retained free from petrol or grease for the duration of the...

References: 2. Fawcett, J. N., 81, " Cycle & Belt Drives – A Review”, Shock Vib. Dig., 13(5), pp. 5-12

" Upon flat belts & Slip”

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