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 Metre Connection Essay

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To look for resistance of your given wire using metre bridge and therefore determine the specific resistance of its material. Apparatus:

A meter connection, a Leclanche cell, a galvanometer, a resistance container, a jockey, a amount of resistance wire or perhaps resistance coils, a metre scale, a set square and attaching wires Process:

1 . Bring the circuit diagram while shown in figure and arrange the apparatus in line with the arrangement diagram. 2 . Hook up the amount of resistance wire or perhaps resistance coil whose resistance is to be established in the right gap between C and D a few. Connect the resistance field in the kept gap among A and D 5 Make every one of the connections since e shown in the routine diagram. 5. Take out a few resistance (say 2 ohm) from the amount of resistance box, connect the key K. 6. Feel the jockey gently first at kept and then by right end of the connect wire. 7. Note the deflections inside the galvanometer. in the event the galvanometer reveals deflections in opposite directions, the links are accurate. 8. Move the jinete gently along the wire by left to right until galvanometer provides no deflection. The point where the jockey is usually touching the wire is null point B. being unfaithful. Choose a suitable value of R in the resistance package such that there is not any deflection ihe galvanometer if the jockey is almost in the middle of the wire(between 45 cm and 60 cm) 10. Be aware position of point M (with the aid of a established square)to know the dimensions of the length ABS =L1 14. Take by least four sets of observations just as by changing the beliefs of L. 12. Record your observations in the desk given below

13. Measure the entire wire M.

14. Measure the diameter of the wire D at least at four places, in two common perpendicular guidelines at each place.

15. Unknown resistance =RГ—l2l1, Where l2 =100 -l1

16. specific resistance from the material of the given wire= ПЃ=XD24L

Percentage error=ПЃ-ПЃ0ПЃ0 Г—100

WhereПЃ0 can be standard worth of the specific resistance from the material.


1 . The value of unknown...

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