Movie Examination: Pay This Forward

 Movie Examination: Pay This Forward Essay

Shamaya Bost

Mrs. Hauser

Freshman Workshop

29 April 2013

Pay it ahead: Character Research

In the video Pay This Forward, a large number of characters will be able to tell many life lessons. Today I am going to focus on the character Mister. Simonet as well as the many things they were doing to help plus the things they'd to go through in their life span.

When Mister. Simonet was younger his mother and father had been off and on. Eventually this made his father extremely angry and his dad to his anger from Eugene, Mr. Simonet initial name. His father covered him in gasoline and after that lit a match in which he threw on Eugene. This brought on him to get various burns throughout his body. This life situation induced Mr. Simonet to not trust many people because he is scared to get hurt once again. These existence situations will continue to affect Mr. Simonet and they will often shape his life.

Eugene is definitely helped by simply Trevor, who gets him to date his mom. His mom, Arlene, accepts Eugene for his self wonderful burns and scars that still remain from his father's anger. Eugene in that case paid that forward by helping Arlene after Trevor's death. Mr. Simonet likewise helped by simply assigning the project to start with.

Mr. Simonet also allowed me to learn that you must give up your past if you would like to move ahead and change your daily life. Mr. Simonet always held onto the past and that hindered him coming from loving and trusting Arlene. Others may learn the just like me. You should give up your past to go forward in the life and alter what you need to change for the better.

This kind of film does not change my opinion on community service mainly because I previously feel big on community service just like always have. I always felt that you should give back to others that do not need the same as you. Everyone should get the right and ethical treatment.

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