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My thoughts after browsing International Museum of Operative Science By simply Cristina Vacaru The Foreign Museum of Surgical Science, the City of Chicago Milestone, is the just museum especially dedicated to medical surgery in North America and it is the only one ready to accept the public. Following visiting this kind of fascinating art gallery it reached my knowledge that this museum was founded in 1954 by Dr . Greatest extent Thorek, a Hungarian doctor whose progressive work in obstetrics and reconstructive surgery affected medical technology greatly with many of his techniques. Around the first floors of the Art gallery I could visit the Early American Apothecary Store and I was impressed to view many rows of patent medications, a very older prescription publication and also older tools employed for making products, such as supplement tile, tablet cutters, or perhaps pill going boards. Near the Apothecary Store are a dental office and a great exhibit in patent drugs. In exclusive chance to wonderful scientists and surgeons of the past, two distinguished demonstrates were attached to the second floor of the art gallery: the Hall of Decals and the Hall of Immortals. The Hall of Murals is a grand room with decorative paneling. The German painter Gregorio Calvi di Bergolo painted 12 mural panels in oils just for this room to illustrate the development of surgery through the ages. One particular mural describes Andreas Vesalius, the father of anatomy, demonstrating his renowned De Humani Corporis Faberica Libri Septem(Seven Books for the Structure from the Human Body) to Emperor Charles sixth is v of Spain. This book was the first complete book of...

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