P2: Explain an individual side and server side factors that affect the efficiency of a web page.

 P2: Describe the user area and server side factors that influence the performance of any website. Dissertation

п»їP2: Explain the user side and server based factors that influence the performance of your website. Customer side:

Download Speed

The download velocity is the speed in which a thing can copy data from the web to a computer system. The type of service you use can all be based upon the down load speed, below are a few services that can be used:

Dial-Up- Call up is an old-fashioned way of computer system connection. By using the current analogue telephone line and it has sustained to be a well-liked way of linking for years. When it first arrived it had the average speed of 56kbps. ISDN- ISDN is formally known as Integrated Service Digital Network. This means that the ISDN is a digital network and that connects within a digital way. It is more quickly than the switch up on the speed of 128kpbs. It will need to be linked to a digital series for it to work. DSL- DSL is usually formally generally known as Digital Prospect Line, it uses the digital lines to run quicker the difference between ISDN and DSL is the velocity and price. ISDN is cheaper than DSL because DSL is faster than ISDN; DSL has a speed of 1mp – 8mph. Broadband-Broadband is the speediest with a great expected rate of 100mbps (measured in bits per second) soon. It is the hottest one and lots of people have high speed over the other folks. Broadband is consistently changed and improved as well keep the speed up.

PC Functionality Factors

Browser- Browser is definitely the type of net source when you use. There are many kinds of internet browsers; the mainly used browsers will be Safari and Google chrome. Fresh browsers will be being made at all times; there are hundreds to choose from. Several browsers operate differently upon different personal computers for example Safari will work greatest on Mac as it is macs own produced browser. Eclipse Memory-Cache Memory this is the storage in which your personal computer has. The greater the memory space the faster the computer will run. The cache memory is employed to reduce the standard time to get memory. The greater memory you have the significantly less your computer needs to...

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