Carry out Languages Help Mould The Way We Think

 Do Dialects Help Mold The Way We believe Essay

п»їDo languages help mold the way we believe? If we every spoke a similar language, could we think in the same manner? Discuss the matter using examples, details, and your personal experie-nces of English language and your local language. Response:

A Language is a special " tool” which usually helps humans communicate with each other and in addition, being unique in comparison with the other pets or animals and kinds. Due to its specific properties, a language is definitely the way humans can discuss their thoughts to each other. Put simply, language is a door leading to human's soul and mind. Through thousands of years of existence, terminology has spread to each corner on the planet with different sounds and forms even the phomenes, people in different areas employ languages to explain and express their concepts differently. Due to this reason, a lot of psycologists agreed that " languages mould the way we all think” and " in the event that all mankind spoke the same language, we would think a similar way”. I actually do not feel that this is an entirely correct view. Language is a way human beings communicate with each other and express their very own idea. It really is controversial about how people think-by figures (image) or by concepts (words). It is very clear that people come up with ideas through creativity and ideas in their brain. Then they force them in a rational order and describe them by way of languages. Because humans exhibit their thought via dialect so it is believed that the method people think is related to 'languages'. But the thoughts and opinions that " languages support mould how we think” is not really correct. Seeing that humans simply use 'languages' to express tips which can be found in their head, so language is just a " tool”, although do not mould the way people thinking. For instance , althoug a VietNamese and an English-speaker, speaking in various languages (VietNamese and British ), all their opinions are the same about a lot of issue in their very own lives, in the event that they both disagree with littering, so despite speaking different language, their ideas and the method they think are the same. Because it is...

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