Personal Responsibility

 Personal Responsibility Essay

Albert Schweitzer once said, " Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment, and learn again to work out his can – his own responsibility in the world of faith and morals” (Schweitzer). People are normally unable to have responsibility for his or her actions or lack thereof. Personal responsibility provides a direct effect on college success because using time management strategies, organizing, goal setting the student is guaranteeing their success, and once the educational desired goals are arranged, a person is more focused and motivated on doing his or her degree. To me, personal responsibility is identified as there being only one person responsible for your life and the path you have chosen. It is the person who stares judgingly back toward you in the mirror every early morning. You cannot maintain responsible anyone but yourself for the actions you chose or do not made a decision to do. You need to take responsibility and agree to the consequences.

You will be up through the night cramming for any test you completely did not remember about. It is 2 am and class starts by seven. Finally, the reading material is definitely starting to appear sensible right as you start to get to sleep. Crap! You overslept and missed the test you spent through the night studying. Who may be to blame? YOU! Personal responsibility has these kinds of a huge relationship with getting good results in college. Had you chosen to study throughout the term instead of attempting to cram last second, chances are you may have passed test and not have the failed the students. All it takes is having yourself accountable for the actions you selected.

Allow us to back up to the very last day an excellent source of school. Graduation has come and gone. In the hands, you are keeping that desired admission letter to your dream school. You show up that fall for positioning and the academics advisor requires what you want to major in. Blank…your mind goes bare! According to U. S. News, many of these of college pupils will change their majors at least one time (Ralph Figueroa, 2011). The majority of college experts recommend that a...

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