development of command theories

 development of management theories Article


Research limitations/implications

– Being a theory-based exploration, the paper would not

provide scientific examples of just how this theory might be applied in practice. Originality/value

– The paper provides an example of a dynamic theory, introduces the idea of Theta and Lambda worldviews and provides a much better definition of command strategy and tactics.

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– Conceptual daily news

Key words

-- Dynamic theory, leadership, management development, Theta worldview, Commun worldview, worldview


College students tend to hold two mutually exclusive views regarding leadership: a single school of thought retains that market leaders are born (Grint, 2150, Nietzsche, 1969) and that the characteristics they incorporate are unconscious (Lowen, 1975) whilst the other posits that human beings need to knuckle down to develop these kinds of qualities prior to they can come up as leaders (Henrikson, 2006; Kakabadse and Kakabadse, 99; Kakabadse and Myers, 1996).

The ‘great man' theory (Carlyle, 1841/2007; James, 1880) exemplifies the former view and it is interested in the personality traits which will leaders intrinsically possess (Kakabadse and Kakabadse, 1999). This method assumes that the ‘great man' naturally contains the essential abilities which allow him to perform like a leader. By identifying these kinds of essential attributes, others may emulate these people through lab-created versions of leadership (Kenny and Zaccaro, 1983; Lawler, 2005; Stogdill, 1948; Stogdill, 1982). Once applying this approach, scholars evaluate specific tasks or concerns and provide command typologies for addressing all of them (Mullins, 2003; Hersey and Blanchard, 1993; Bass and Avolo, 1990). Many students have explored the 3

actions of leaders, the impact of context or perhaps ‘situation' in leadership (Yukl, 2006), the function of leadership (Shamir, 1995), along with ‘contingency' and dynamic operations (Baker, 3 years ago; Fiedler, 1967). Both the behavioural perspective plus the economic style examine management as a function whose goal is to support an organization to adapt. That is certainly how an individual practicing command can help an organisation to affect adaptive change (Kotter, 1990; Heifetz, 1998; Nanus, 1995).

The developmental way of thinking, on the other hand, looks for to understand the conscious actions taken to turn into a leader. Seated in existentialist phenomenology, it keeps that individual development and also human history is made (i. electronic. ‘caused') by our awareness of our own fatality (i. at the. existential ‘time') which styles everyday lives as a ongoing interpretation of experience of the past and requirement (i. e. ‘anticipation') of the future (Koselleck, 2002, 1985). In this case, personal your life " can be described as constant getting through a continuous intentionality of development” (MacDonald, 2000, l. 33), and human existence is centered on the concept of possibility in which " he is always much more than he is; his being is never complete at any given moment” (Sartre, 1973, p. 32). This view suggests that jointures of one's experience and expectation of the future are subject to interpretation and develop over time (Nanus, 1995; MacDonald, 2000). The developmental school holds that leadership can be grounded in experience and reflected by personal presentation of particular meanings articulated by inconsistent uses of language (Kakabadse and Kakabadse, 1999). These kinds of, in turn, affect the development of foreseeable future perspectives (Alvesson and Svenningson, 2003). Although scholars argue that leaders will need to exhibit several needed personal qualities (e. g., Goleman, 1998; Kotter, 1990; Zaleznik, 1977), these list will not offer a thorough theory of what leadership entails, in particular when these management qualities are not found in practice. Moreover, in spite of burgeoning academic endeavours in neuro-scientific leadership, we still do not know for what reason leadership calls for those qualities. However , each of our goal can be not simply to 4

criticise existing views on leadership. Rather, we take...

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