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Lab 10 Course Job


In this final research laboratory, you will apply the knowledge attained from Units 4-9 with this course to completing a project, which will require the following abilities: Creating furniture

Creating a amalgamated key

Adding columns to a existing desk

Creating a stored procedure to guard against a SQL injections attack Approving permissions

Applying the concept of clustered indexes

Building a non-clustered index

Creating a result in

Executing queries to meet requirements

Project Scenario

The course project will be based upon the Westlake Research Clinic scenario that you have got been studying throughout the study course and uses the Westlake database you used for the Group A labs. To complete the project, you will have to use your copy of the SQL2008ExpVM electronic machine, since it existed towards the end of the previous unit (Unit 9). The instructor provides you with a script document named ProjectLoadData. sql, that you will use to populate the database. You can receive guidance on how to employ this file in coordination 10 in the Technical Measures section of this lab.

Expected Deliverables/Outcomes

After completion of the project, you will submit a MS Word document while using answers towards the three questions integrated within the project for key points. Concerns 1 & 2 are situated at the end of Step eleven and Issue 3 towards the end of Stage 12 in the Technical Steps section of this kind of lab. This kind of MS Expression document will probably be named nn_Projectanswers. doc where " nn” will be changed to your inventeur.

You will also fill in eight screen shots of specific steps of the data source for the project. These types of eight screen shots should each certainly be a separate document. The filename of the screen shot is going to take the structure of nnProject_XX_X, where nn is the initial and XX_X corresponds to the Step number in the section of Technical Steps with this lab. The following are the required display screen shots for submission (Substitute your inventeur for nn): nnProject_6








Required Resources

SQL2008ExpVM electronic machine

ProjectLoadData. sql

Technical Steps (this lab manual)

Technical Steps

Step 1 :

Release the VMware Player and play the SQL2008ExpVM online machine kept on your USB drive.


Available a Word document on the web host computer and save it as nnProjectanswers. You will be asked questions throughout the course project and file the answers in the Word document. This can be the file you can expect to turn in on your instructor.


For the virtual machine, open SQL Server Administration Studio and connect to the SQL Hardware Express occasion.

Step 4:

In the Westlake database, build a table known as PatientVisits that includes the articles defined in this article:

To create a amalgamated key:

1 . Click PatientKey.

2 . Maintain down the SWITCH key and select VisitDate.

several. Right-click the main element column inside the highlighted region and select Set Principal Key.

Step 5:

Create a PatientVisitSymptoms table that features the articles defined in this article:

Step 6:

Use the Data source Diagram to specify the relationships demonstrated below:

1 . Expand Databases Diagrams.

2 . Double-click the dbo. WestlakeDiagram.

3. Right-click in and empty area and select Add Stand.

4. Select both dining tables and just click Add.

five. Move the tables and draw the relationships to fit those shown above. When defining the relationship between PatientVisitSymptoms and PatientVisit, make sure the Tables and Content dialog looks like this:

6. Take a screenshot and preserve it as nnProject_6 to publish to your instructor as part of the job deliverables. several. Close the Database Picture. Make sure to keep your changes.

Step 7:

Build a stored procedure name RecordPatientVisit that inserts data into the PatientVisits stand. Creating a kept procedure allows protect against a SQL injection attack. 1 . Think about a program that accomplished a active query to insert information into the PatientVisits table: " INSERT IN PatientVisits...

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