Restoration of China

 Restoration of China Essay

Chapter 15 outline

I. The restoration of centralized imperial rule in China A. The Sui dynasty (589-618 C. Electronic. ) 1 . After the Han dynasty, hardship lasted for over 350 years 2 . Reunification by Yang Jian in 589 several. The regulation of the Sui a. Construction of castles and granaries; repairing the truly amazing Wall m. Military trips in central Asia and Korea c. High income taxes and compulsory labor companies 4. The Grand Cacera integrated economies of north and southern 5. Late the Sui d. High taxes and forced labor made hostility among the people elizabeth. Military verso in Korea f. Rebellions broke in north Chinese suppliers beginning in 610 g. Sui Yangdi was assassinated in 618, the end of the empire B. The Tang empire (618-907 C. E. ) 6. Tang Taizong (627-649) h. A rebel innovator seized Chang'an and proclaimed a new empire, the Tang i. Tang Taizong, the second Tang emperor; ruthless nevertheless extremely skilled j. era of unconventional stability and prosperity six. Extensive sites of vehicles and sales and marketing communications 8. Equal-field system--land allocated according to needs 9. Bureaucracy of merit through civil support exams 12. Foreign associations k. Politics theory: China was the Central Kingdom, or maybe the center of civilization m. Tributary program became diplomatic policy eleven. Tang decrease m. Everyday and sloppy leadership triggered dynastic crisis n. Rebellion of An Lushan in 755 weakened the dynasty um. The Uighurs became sobre facto rulers p. The equal-field system deteriorated q. A large-scale peasant rebellion led simply by Huang Chao lasted via 875 to 884 l. Regional military commanders gained power and were over and above control of the emperor t. The last Tang emperor abdicated his tub in 907...

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