Self-Actualization 15.08.2019
 Self-Actualization Article



Destini Bridgeman

Kaplan University

Instructor Machine

Self-actualization is a part of each of our nature that helps us to become better persons, by growing our creativeness, and producing our encounters much more extreme. It is usual for us to hear someone admit, " I actually quit. I cannot do this ever again. " Some people do so because they are tired of what they are doing, and others may just give up their dreams because of their very own personality issue. It is not an excellent or healthy and balanced thing to do since in the end, persons may regret for what they decided to perform. They may truly feel unhappy or maybe depressed. Even as we can see, inside the daily life were living in, persons always give up on their dreams very easily because of various problems such as not really reaching self-actualization or within their streams of consciousness. A famous psychiatrist Abraham Maslow has a theory which is extensively accepted by people. " According to Maslow, simple needs has to be satisfied just before we can give attention to those that will be more abstract” (Interpersonal Communication Every day Encounters, 2010). Maslow created a pyramid that displays people have diverse levels of demands. Some of them are basic, plus some are at penetration of00. Our behavior of chasing after the dreams can be recognized. Maslow supported the theory of self-actualization. " He was persuaded that human beings are capable of reaching high levels of intellectual and emotional presence, and this individual believed in human being potential” (Self-Actualization, 11/08/2010). Maslow's pyramid, a five-tiered composition, (Figure 1) represents a summary of this theory. Maslow declares that for one to focus their interest on the best goal at the apex in the pyramid, self-actualization, and one must first fulfill the requires at the subordinate levels. With the lowest level in the chart are definitely the physiological needs, followed by the need for safety, the belongingness and love requires, the worth needs, and finally culminating in...

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