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Older Science

General Recommendations * Studying Time – 5 minutes 2. Working Period – 2 hours * Write using black or green pen * Draw diagrams using pad * Board-approved calculators can also be used * Compose your Student Number at the bottom of this page| Total Marks - seventy five Section I Pages 2–1675 marksThis section has two parts, Part A and Part BPart A – 20 marks * Strive Questions 1–20 * Let about half an hour for this sectionPart B – 55 signifies * Strive Questions 21–30 * Allow about one hour and 30 minutes for this section

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Section We

75 marks

Part A – 20 marks

Make an effort Questions 1–20


Allow about 30 minutes in this part



Make use of the multiple-choice response sheet intended for Questions 1-20

1| Precisely what is an area that naturally pumps out precipitation right into a main water system referred to as? | | (A)| A dam

| (B)| A catchment area

| (C)| A groundwater basin

| (D)| Artesian water

| |

2| Which with the following is among the main reasons behind the increased salinity (dryland salinity) in the Australian scenery? | | (A)| The planting of trees and increased rainfall

| (B)| Native eucalypt dry sclerophyll forests

| (C)| Property clearing and a falling water stand

| (D)| Land cleaning and a rising normal water table

| |

3| Over decades, animals possess evolved modifications to survive in a changing environment. Which in the following can be described as behavioural edition for lowering water reduction in family pets? | | (A)| Excreting ammonia rather than urea

| (B)| Concentrating urine in a renal

| (C)| Burrowing subway

| (D)| Producing metabolic water

4| This is a simplified plan of the drinking water cycle, often known as the hydrological cycle. What part of this cycle is usually represented by the letter Times? | | (A)| Transpiration

| (B)| Evaporation

| (C)| Condensation

| (D)| Precipitation

| |

5| A student chose to find out how much water was at an apple. Trainees cut off a piece of apple and weighed that. It considered 10 grms. The student after that dried the piece of apple in an oven and then reweighed it. After drying, it weighed two grams. What percentage with the apple was water? | | (A)| 80%

| (B)| 50%

| (C)| 20%

| (D)| 10%

| |

6| What do all of us term nearly anything in the workplace with the potential to damage life, physical and mental health or property? | | (A)| Workplace harm

| (B)| Workplace hazard

| (C)| Workplace audit

| (D)| Occupational Health and Safety Act


7| What is the light delicate part of the eyesight?

| (A)| The retina

| (B)| The contact lens

| (C)| The sclera

| (D)| The cornea

| |

8| In a synovial joint, what connects the bone to muscle? | | (A)| Cartilage

| (B)| Fidelite

| (C)| Tendons

| (D)| Synovial fluid

| |

9| What is the role of cilia on the epithelial tissue in the lungs? | | (A)| To produce mucous

| (B)| To remove foreign material from your lungs

| (C)| To aid the konzentrationsausgleich of oxygen into the blood| | (D)| They beat to create a current of air towards the alveoli| | |

10| What is the main cause of ‘industrial deafness'?

| (A)| Concussion as a result of a work accident

| (B)| Damage to the pinna within a work car accident

| (C)| Repeated contact with loud sounds in a workplace| | (D)| Repeated...

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