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During observational rounds in the first week of placement, I encountered a great obese elderly man with type 2 diabetes who had been bed bound. His BP was 98/73 so I decided to do a manual blood pressure (BP) to make sure it absolutely was not a physical error in the automatic equipment and noted 99/75. His other vital signs had been in between the flags. I asked my individual how he was feeling, this individual said he felt great. I told him his blood pressure was obviously a bit low and if this is normal to get him. He said it is often low somewhat recently. Specialists him in the event he would have a glass of normal water and discussed how it will help in boosting his BP so he previously a glass and a half of water. My spouse and i also made sure he was lying flat on his back while this can offer a false reading. I inspected his file for any altered calling requirements but there is none. I actually went to seek advice from my registered nurse and the lady suggested I speak with his medical expert (MO) concerning this patient and inform her of my own observations and discover if she was pleased with this browsing. He had lately changed medications for his heart rate and cholesterol which could have influenced his low blood pressure examining. The MO suggested My spouse and i take his blood pressure again in 15 minute including 30 minutes to verify that there was any kind of change and also to report back to her of my outcomes. I recorded no significant change nevertheless his systolic did browse above 75 and the individual remained asystematic so the MO was happy with the result although remained conscious of the situation. I actually felt concerned for my own patient within this entire event as he was almost in the red zone which will would have been a met call and i also have never been in a situation wherever this has took place. Once I actually considered the people situation I actually began to visit a picture of his your life and how all of his comorbidities were linked. Being aware of just how medications can modify a person's blood pressure and looking them up in the MIMS support better my own understanding of why my affected person was going through a drop in stress.

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