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Emerald green Article: Making SWOT Evaluation Work Nigel Piercy, Bill Giles

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by simply Nigel Piercy and William Giles

Cardiff Business University and Ideal Marketing Expansion Unit, Marlow Introduction Certainly SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Options and Threats) analysis is the commonest sensible analytical tool for strategic planning, which can be actually used by executives and consultants. Since several readers will recognise, SWOT analysis is a simple structured way of evaluating a company's proper position watts h at the n organizing, t u identify you can actually strengths and weaknesses and also to compare these to possibilities and risks in the environment. We have been not able to discover the first source of the technique, although one of the best technological descriptions, watts h we c they would links SWOT analysis to sell segmentation and strategy has by Abell and Hammond (1979).

The attractions of SWOT analysis are that technique is familiar and easily understandable by users and it provides an excellent structuring system for finding out ideas about the future and a business ability to make use of that upcoming. In fact , the technique is therefore well-known that individuals had several reservations regarding writing a paper on the topic — managers will not take kindly to consultants and writers " rediscovering the wheel"! This said, our knowledge suggests that there is a market intended for our ideas about revitalising this tool, intended for the reasons discussed below. It really is our watch that the utilization of this tool features generally become sloppy and unfocused — a classic model perhaps of familiarity mating contempt! It should surely be admitted that SWOT analysis is generally done badly, but that is not have to be how a technique is used. On the basis of our experiences in using the technique with firms, we suggest a number of rules below for making the approach work dynamically to generate new insights and strategies. Initially, however , it may not always be forgotten which the reason SWOT analysis is at a be and so widely known (and we suggest misused! ) is because of it is inherent sights. These are: • the technique is simple enough in concept being immediately and readily available to managers — not any computer or perhaps management science tecnistions is needed; the model can be utilised without considerable corporate or perhaps market details systems — but is definitely flexible enough to incorporate these kinds of where ideal;...

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