Tambrand Case

Tambrand Case 15.08.2019
 Tambrand Case Essay

Marisa Leuzzi

MK 505

Case Study 4-1

Oct 12, 2014

1 . The wisdom of Tambrands learning to be a part of Procter & Gamble was an opportunity to help the organization overall as soon as they saw a 12% drop in the sales in 1996. Tambrands currently has a 44% global market share with Europe and North American accounting for 90% of the product sales. They think that they have potential for growth with P& G sharing that out of 1. 7 billion dollars women in the world, only about 95 million work with tampons inspite of their business being the favorite tampon on the globe. P& G is also seen to market such products internationally 2 . The purpose of its global advertising plan was to market to each group in a similar way. I feel that P& G should not continue with Tambrands's original target to market to each cluster in a similar way. In bunch 1, the individuals are more educated and not an issue to market the product from this community. In cluster 2 and a few, the folks are not educated and they absence the knowledge showing how to use the product. 3. In cluster one particular, which includes (US, UK and Australia) girls already make use of tampons and feel they will know every thing about the product. They currently do not have any kind of issues to overcome since it is already broadly accepted and the target market can be knowledgeable about the item. In group 2, (France, Israel and South Africa) only about 50 percent of women utilize product. There are some concerns regarding virginity and the product is called an unnatural product. In cluster three or more, (Brazil, Spain and China) along with dealing the similar virginity issue, it is important that they take the time to educate the ladies on how to utilize product that help them turn into knowledgeable. 5. To get over the level of resistance in every single culture, some strategies that will be used happen to be: health education in educational institutions and begin to find ways to educate females about the use of a tampon while they are by a young age. They can accomplish this by getting schools which may have early wellness education or community...

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