Process 2 Failures to Protect People

 Task a couple of Failures to Protect Individuals Essay

TASK two

Identify two reports about serious failures to protect persons (ADULTS) via abuse. Create an account that describes the unsafe practices in the opinions. Look on Google under UK failures in adult proper care Report 1 .

In Drive 2002, a 30-year-old woman with learning disabilities was admitted to Borders Basic Hospital in Scotland with multiple injuries as a result of endured physical and sexual assaults. The abuse had been completed at home and was perpetrated by 3 men, among whom was her carer. ‘The case of the weak adult' may be the term the individual involved has asked to be applied. Her identification is safeguarded under rules giving invisiblity to patients of rape.

The woman acquired made accusations against among the perpetrators since a child but organizations decided her mother could protect her. When her mother died, he was permitted to become her carer, producing her sleeping on a floor covering in the area at his home. Started taking the female's benefit funds, deprived her of food and liquid and made her sit at night for long periods. Together with two friends he forced her to strip, shaved her head, sexually assaulted her and frequently stamped on her face and body. In addition they threw the woman over a fencing, handcuffed her to a door and set flames to her apparel.

The police, health and social solutions had been conscious of allegations of abuse online dating back to the woman childhood. These types of had been looked into and reported to the Procurator Fiscal but she was considered a great unreliable experience due to her learning disability.

This survey is full of hazardous practice and people in authority have failed to protect the girl as a result of this kind of. The dangerous practice started out when the female was just a little girl, your woman had built allegations against one of the perpetrators but firms decided her mother may protect her. The organizations should have used the allegations seriously rather than assumed her mother could have protected her. They would have done things such as carrying...

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