The fantastic Gatsby When compared to Wasteland

 The Great Gatsby Compared to the Wasteland Essay

Fitzgerald's Superb Gatsby and Elliot's The Wasteland happen to be two reports that likewise express the modernist post-war disillusionment. The two stories brief review pessimistically within the direction our world is definitely moving in in the post-war modernist perspective. Both men appeared past the roaring twenties, and realized that on this occasion period was actually a meaning wasteland. A final paragraphs in the Great Gatsby sum up their particular mutual insufficient faith in American tradition to improve.

Fitzgerald uses a quantity of both indirect and direct ways to touch upon what features happened to America. Saving money light is actually a recurring sign in this book that has many deep meanings. From the initial chapter, once Nick even comes close the green almost all America increasing from the marine to the green light at the end of Daisy's pier, this image takes on various meanings. This can be the green light that drives Gatsby, this is the ok symbolizes the newest money and materialism in the world. This shows that money has become the new driving force in the world, and this people operate to consume. This kind of ties in to the fact that Gatsby went to great lengths to be rich only to impress Daisy with his riches. Additionally , Gatsby showed off this kind of wealth by showing her each of the shirts that he had purchased. All of this points towards the growing consumerism in American culture.

The green likewise seems to symbolize the automotive aftermarket, which was one of the primary parts of the modern consumer culture. Henry Kia made an insurance policy of paying his employees high salary, because he noticed that if these people were paid more, they themselves would turn into consumers of his items. Today, vehicles are often seen as an status mark, which started back in the 1920's.

The Wasteland of Elliot's is similar to the valley of ashes between Western world Egg and New York City. It is an industrial wasteland that was clearly produced by significant corporations and industries. This kind of valley of ashes is a symbol of the ethical decay developed by endless pursuit...

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