The Myth of Hugo Baskerville

 The Myth of Hugo Baskerville Essay


Coming into the office and showing Sherlock holmes and Watson an eighteenth century manuscript, Dr . Wayne Mortimer explains to the myth of Hugo Baskerville. Hugo captured and imprisoned a young nation girl in his real estate in Devonshire. He then started to be the victim of a hound of hell as he hunted down her over the lonesome moors late a single night. From the time that time, James Mortimer reports, the Baskerville friends and family has been haunted by a strange and great black chase. The recent death of Sir Charles Baskerville has taken back accusations and fears. The next of kin, Sherlock holmes and Watson find out, is here in London to take up his content at Baskerville Hall, but he had been intimidated by an anonymous warning note and the theft of a shoe. The duo quickly discovers that Sir Henry Baskerville will be followed working in london by a mystical bearded unfamiliar person, and they guess as to whether the mystery person is a good friend or a great enemy. Sherlock holmes, however , says he is too busy in London to go with Mortimer and Sir Holly to Devonshire to investigate the underside of the case, so he sends Dr . Watson to be his eyes and ears, asking him to report again regularly. Arriving in Devonshire, Watson finds out a state of emergency, with armed guards on the lookout for an escaped captive wandering the moors. He meets potential suspects in Mr. Barrymore and Mrs. Barrymore, Mr. Jack Stapleton and his sister Beryl, Baskerville neighbours. Several mysteries happen: Barrymore is usually caught hiding around the estate at night; Watson spies a lonely unfamiliar person watching the moors; and the doctor hears what sounds like a dog's howling. Beryl Stapleton alerts Watson and tells him to go back to London, uk immediately and Watson learns of a secret meeting between Sir Charles and a nearby woman named Laura Lyons on the nights his loss of life. Doing his best to resolve these tricks, Watson discovers that Barrymore's tours at night are just his attempt to ensure that the escaped captive Selden, who also turns out to be Mrs. Barrymore's...

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