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Tofel Guidebook 24.08.2019
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The Official Guide to the TOEFL® Test

Downloading it the Digital Files intended for the Practice Tests

Test questions on these data are coming from actual TOEFL tests. Nevertheless , the screen and delivery formats are generally not identical for the actual check. When you take those actual TOEFL test, you might notice a lot of variations in how the queries are offered to you on screen.


To download the electric files intended for TOEFL iBT Practice Assessments 1 and 2, go to http://books.mcgraw-hill. com/ebookdownloads/TOEFL and stick to the instructions provided.

Changing Local and Language Settings

Take note: If you come across error emails while trying to use this plan, you may need to modify your pc's regional and language settings. Please the actual steps outlined: Select " Regional and Language Options” from The control panel Go to " Regional Options” tab Choose " English (United States)” as chinese Go to the " Advanced” tab Select " English (United States)” while the language Simply click " OK”

Main Menu (" Navigation Screen”)

This kind of screen shows up as follows:

Your decision will depend on how you will prefer to practice for the TOEFL iBT.

b If you would like to take full length authentic TOEFL iBT practice tests on your computer system, click on the choices labeled TOEFL iBT Practice Test you or TOEFL iBT Practice Test installment payments on your b If you want to work through the Practice Units and Practice Tests in the book, click on Enjoy Audio Tracks in Book Purchase.

Taking TOEFL iBT Practice Tests on your pc

On the Routing screen, choose either TOEFL iBT Practice Test you or TOEFL iBT Practice Test installment payments on your Then click the test section you wish to have: Reading, Being attentive, Speaking, or Writing. Note that you can take every section more often than once. When you click on Reading, you may choose Verse 1, a couple of, or three or more.

When you open up a test section, you can expect to first view the instructions for that section. A timer visible on the display shows just how many a few minutes and seconds you have still left for that section. (You may hide the timer if you discover it distracting. ) Simply click Help without notice for in depth instructions. You will observe complete answers for each function available during the test and how to use those functions to answer every question type. If you need to take a break throughout the test, click on the Break press button. Your work are not lost, so when you curriculum vitae, you will have up where you remaining off. The timer clock will stop if you are on your break and will restart immediately at the time you resume quality. Try not to utilize the Break function too often because on the real exam, the time keeps jogging even if you keep the room on a break. To resume work with a test, click on Curriculum vitae.

Answering Concerns

To answer the questions, click on the corresponding solution oval, or perhaps follow the recommendations given. Once you select an answer, the Next key is allowed. (For a few questions, you will have to click on more than one answer choice. ) Select it to advance...

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