Long Walk to Freedom-Book Report

 Long Walk to Freedom-Book Report Article

Maimouna Ka

Ms. Bowers

British 12


Mandela, Nelson. Long Walk to Freedom. South Africa: Purnell, 1994. Remember Marthin Luther King, Rosa Parks and lots of other African-American who compared with racism? Long Walk to Freedom is the bibliography of Nelson Mandela, it describes all his struggles but also all his achievement during his journey. He begins by his birth and the importance of his name " Rolihlahla" wich in his local langage meant " tugging the branch of a tree" but genuinely " troublemaker", and this forshadowing turns out to be sarcastic because he was obviously a troublemaker or in other words that this individual rebelled so that was proper. Nelson gets a existence emprisonment to get rebelling, treason and conspiracy theory against the South African Government. Mandela was fighting just like Martin Luther and Insieme Parks pertaining to justice. This individual opposed to the thought of being inferior because of skin tone. This book features a lot of thoughts do for all the hardship encountered, it's the story of the epic your life told by the hero himself. One of the main theme of the book was respect, people want and need to be well known no matter where offered from. The theme of the story strongly emphasised on becoming dedicated to types cause and not giving up no matter how hard it can be. After all the hardships, Nelson Mandela started to be known as a martyr and those who also oppressed him before have become praising him. I appreciated reading this book because We am africa and may be if Nelson Mandela hardly ever stood on with what this individual believed, I would still be discriminated today. It is an important tale of Africa delivrance and is a good example of tips on how to pursue a life target, showing that failure is merely part of the method. I would recommend this book because it has so much ideas and people say the winners publish history, however the oppressed 1 wrote this this time. I do think all types of persons could check out this book, and the features who have a powerful pechant intended for history literature will enjoy this more. The bibliography of Marthin Luther King is a good publication to...

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